iOS 7 is the Great platform as we all know. Although unique levels of operating system of Apple look fusty, there is no surprise if it introduces a major refined form. Apple makes large improvements in its operating systems every year and adds various new features but it seems to have its large portion in the basic form.

iOS 7 the latest mobile operating system has proved to be the most important update in iOS since its inception. It not only offers the next generation of iphone operating system but also introduces many overlooked features which were offered by rival mobile Os. If you have a new iOS gadget like iphone 5 or ipad 4, you will enjoy the benefits of very new iOS7. It proves to be the most advanced and greatest iOS wealth and facts have been included in the iOS 7 with the large hardware assistance.


  1. First reason to update iOS7 on your iphone is the curious feature of visual effects of iOS 7 which are offered to your device and so as you. The Apple-lounge introduces special visual effects to your iphone or ipad which were never seen before.
  2. The voice recognition app Siri gives a professional assistance to provide the consumers a tender push towards the new gizmos present on its roster, however if it is not updated on regular basis, it goes out of scope.
  3. The very new AirDrop app makes iOS to be a hit on the Mac and a treasure for the idevice owners. So if you have iphone 5, ipad 4 and mini ipad you can get an advantage of this new feature.
  4. Filters equipped by Camera introduce Instagram to these gadgets and highly attuned with iphone 5 and ipod 5G however photo filters are specified for iphone 4 and ipad ¾ devices.
  5. Apple IOS in car offers incredible iOS experience such that if your car consists of iOS in car app, you can connect your iphone 5 with the car system.
  6. iOS 7 helps you in the protection of your iphone.
  7. iOS 7 has upgraded notification center with transparent background offers all the necessary items at one place like call history, events etc.
  8. Interactive yet simple design makes iOS 7 very easy to use for the new iphone owners.
  9. Siri, an interactive voice feature has upgraded the class of iOS
  10. Apple app store introduces bunch of latest apps relevant with your location.

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