The iOS 7 beta 2 users face several problems in their idevices. Here is the list of common bugs introduced by iOS 7 beta 2 provided below:


  1. The phone app crash is one of the common and irritating problems that the users can not fix by themselves. When the call is received, the phone rings but the phone app fails to respond sometimes, still the phone continues to ring. In such case the user is not able to retrive the call.
  2. Siri becomes unresponsive sometimes and reverts with being failed in action. However its quality is enhanced with the new voices and gender voice options. But the realistic experience is worst. The questions asked about the famous personalities or movies are responded with the wrong answers. The settings in the siri app do not work appropriately. Siri help manual taps on a category doesn’t show the text properly. For example when you click on the phone, it is bit tough to understand that what is shown on the screen.
  3. Safari doesn’t show some pages completely in the iOS 7 beta 2 in mini ipad. Sometimes it doesn’t load the complete page. For example, iMore is blocked when the is opened, similarly others. It doesn’t respond well in auto fill and causes several problems. None of such problems were found in iPhone.
  4. The control center is designed to sweep out from the bottom of the screen. It is not a bug but annoying feature when the it emerges out while you are enjoying the games. There is no option to turn it off.
  5. Idevices are preferably common for multitasking features which is not very new. But how about when you are rapidly switching between the apps and the phone’s background becomes black which is due to an issue in the operating system.
  6. The contacts app was introduced in the first beta version, but it responds slowly and closes. It repeats itself in the beta 2 version also.
  7. The Newsstand application was discovered separately for magazines but the bug has made it a folder that hosts and retrieves any application from the apps store. So it is no more standing for the magazine app.
  8. When you attempt to change the wallpaper or download any, the interface becomes messy and starts responding slowly.


  1. Ashwin says:


  2. Lold says:

    X-ray scanner doesnt work

  3. Frustrated says:

    Receiving all my kids’ texts and they are getting all those coming in to me. Changed every setting we can find and nothing works.

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