ios 7 Now Coming With Call Blocking for iphone

Apple Announced ios 7 with so many New Features, apple has full redesign ios 7 and now this is one of the major changes since first iphone launch and now it’s also Comes With So many New Features.

ios 7 Coming with Call Blocking for iphone, this is one of the most Demanding Features From Long time and now finally Apple has Given What people asking for.

Now You can Block Unwanted Calls by Blocking Number. this is one the best feature in ios 7. before this people have to jailbreak there device and than they can Download apps to Block calls but now you Don’t Required because apple has released this cool feature with ios 7.

This Call Blocking Feature not only Block Call but it’s also Block Text Message and face time also. so now you Don’t Have to worry just Upgrade to ios 7 when it’s available for Public and stat using this cool feature.

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